Required Equipement:

  • Cleats/Athletic shoe
    • Cleats are better than shoes as they give you better traction on the slick turf field.
    • Rubberized cleats and screw-in cleats (require maintenance) are both acceptable.
  • Pocketless shorts (provided by the league at the start of the season)
    • This is a safety issue. We don’t allow players to play with pockets as player fingers might get trapped when attempting to deflag.
  • Flag football belt (this is provided by the league at each game).
  • Jersey (provided by the league at the start of the season).
    • Yours to keep, you are responsible for bringing it to each game.

Optional Equipment: 

Tall socks or athletic tights are often worn by players to avoid turf burn.

  • Turf burn is equivalent to a rug burn and happens occasionally if you slide on the turf field. The taller socks/tights help prevent this situation from happening.

Some players invest in receiver gloves (usually cost around $50).

  • It’s easier to catch footballs with receiver gloves but they are by no means required.

Some flag football players wear Mouthguards for additional protection.

  • Although flag football is not a full-contact sport, you can never be too safe!

Suggested retailers:

Players tend to buy cleats at  EastbaySportChek or  Marchants Sports Unlimited.

The best option in the city for shorts is Old Navy. Their Active Gear area has solid colored shorts without pockets  (at ~$11 or less)

If you prefer to shop online all of this equipment can be purchased at