Toronto Mounties

What is the purpose of the Toronto Mounties?

The Toronto Mounties is the travelling tournament team of the TGFL that represents a competitive, voluntary team of TGFL players with a variance in skill level. The Toronto Mounties team and tournaments are open to any participants who are there to compete and have fun with a plethora of teams from across the USA.

In 2012, the city of Toronto, joined a myriad of teams in the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL).

The longer Toronto can maintain membership, the more opportunity that awaits in the future. This includes holding a tournament in Toronto itself and even adding an additional tournament team for the city in the men’s OR women’s divisions.

What is the NGFFL?

The NGFFL (National Gay Flag Football League) assists the formation of new organizations and encourages participation in local leagues across the US and Canada. In addition, the NGFFL puts on its annual Gay Bowl championship flag football tournament hosted by one of its members.

Which tournaments do we consider participating and competing in in the USA?

Sunshine Cup (held in February)
Pride Bowl (held during Chicago’s Pride Celebration)
Gay Games
Gay Bowl (most likely in the fall – September or October)

How much do these tournaments typically cost?

Typically, the fees (including lodging; jersey cost; and airfare) for these tournaments are paid by each participating player. We also put on fundraisers and are looking for team sponsor(s) to help offset some of the costs.

Until that happens, we tend to share rooms/rental cars to assist in keeping the price tag as low as possible.

How have the Toronto Mounties fared at the national level tournaments?

The Toronto Gay Football League first entered into National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) competitions in 2011 participating at the Gay Bowl XI held in Houston, TX. In the 2012 season, the Toronto Mounties traveled to Chicago’s Pride Bowl and earned much respect in the NGFFL world as they successfully recorded a 3-2 tournament record including a #1 seed in the B-Division playoffs. At 2012′s Gay Bowl XII held in Denver, the Mounties recorded their first ever wins in a Gay Bowl tournament. FULL RESULTS

Why would anyone join such a team?

Think you can help us catch some passes and win some games? Do you like to have fun and win football games? You’re probably wondering:  Why should I join the Toronto Mounties?

While the tournaments the Toronto Mounties participate are competitive in nature, they are not much different than an intensely competitive TGFL game. We all know when the moments get intense and we want to win. Well, that is the experience you will have at these traveling tournaments. They are also a lot of fun and a great way to meet other LGBT folks and allies out there who enjoy the camaraderie of football and the social aspect as well.

Think of the tournaments similar to that of the World Cup for Flag Football. Just imagine, you would be a member of the ONLY flag football team in Canada playing against the best of the best in the USA. That ‘rush’ and excitement is indescribable.

The team is always looking for new players to join us to catch passes, run and score touchdowns and show  the American teams that Canada knows how to play football too. As evident from our results over the years at these tournaments, we have beaten a fair number of strong US teams.

When is practice?

Practice times will be decided as we get closer to the tournament dates.

I’d love to join or volunteer. Where do I sign-up?

If you are interested in competitive football or a role as captain, team manager and/or TGFL liaison; contact the Toronto Mounties or TGFL and Subscribe to our newsletter!